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Resilient Bridgeport

Balancing green and grey infrastructure to leverage development, reduce flood risk and provide dry egress.

Since 2013, Waggonner & Ball has worked with the City of Bridgeport on a number of projects aimed at creating a model city for coastal adaptation and resilience. Our multidisciplinary team worked with the State of Connecticut Department of Housing, the City of Bridgeport, and local citizens to develop a resilience strategy and pilot project for Bridgeport’s South End, Downtown, and Black Rock Harbor areas.

This work is funded in part by the Rebuild by Design (RBD) competition as part of the federal response to Hurricane Sandy. With $10M awarded through RBD, Bridgeport has the opportunity to show how a comprehensive and multi-layered approach to building resilience can reduce risk and enhance quality of life along the water’s edge. In time, this project will be supplemented by its sister National Disaster Resilience project. Resilient Bridgeport provides a framework through which the community can define and implement that vision.

Shaped by the design team and a thorough an ambitious public engagement program, the resulting resilience strategy for the city contains best practices, innovations, and design principles that provide guidelines for preparation and adaptation to climate change and catalyzes sustainable development in an effort to strengthen local ecosystems.


US Department of Housing Urban Development (HUD), State of Connecticut Department of Housing



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