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Louisiana’s Strategic Adaptations for Future Environments (LA SAFE)

A six parish coastal adaptation strategy centering community resilience, economic prosperity, and quality of life.

In a region with a thriving coastal economy and a rich culture endangered by flood risk, the LA SAFE adaptation strategy outlines measures to enhance community resilience, economic prosperity, and quality of life for everyone in the region. It aims to address the myriad human, economic, and environmental impacts of past and future floods, through transformative regional thinking across six parishes and more than five million acres of land and water.

To develop aspirational but realistic visions for tomorrow’s coastal communities, the team led a massive outreach effort across six coastal parishes to gather information and ideas while harnessing the experience and ingenuity of local citizens.

A strategy for each parish includes six pilot project proposals, with one project per parish voted on by residents and funded by federal grant for design and construction – including Gretna City Park in Jefferson Parish, completed in Spring of 2023.

LA SAFE provides a framework for urbanization and community development in the context of coastal erosion and sea level rise, making the most of the the highest ground.

Louisiana Office of Community Development