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BCIS Wangjing Campus

A smart city grows from a green heart, guiding the experience of a new 2,700 student campus.

With a repeat client, Beijing City International School (BCIS), Waggonner & Ball is the design architect of a new campus for an early childhood through grade 12 school, in partnership with BIAD, a local Chinese design firm. Construction drawings for the 2,700 student campus are planned to continue under BIAD with Waggonner & Ball consultation.

Working together over two years, Waggonner & Ball studied multiple site locations with different conditions, as well as versions of the program, in close collaboration with the Owner.

Historically, city and nature are one. Chinese culture creates a rich landscape. Even unprecedented urban growth has not overwhelmed the organizational structure or the principles embedded in feng shui, windwater, the metaphysical system that seeks to harmonize individuals with their surroundings.


Yuecheng Group, BCIS



Project Area

110,500 SQ M