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Living With Water Houston Report Released

We are pleased to announce that the Living With Water Houston report is now public! 

Download it here, and read Mayor Sylvester Turner’s statement here.

This report serves as a guide and a call to action, not only to City departments but to all Houstonians, to make sure that our city is ready for a future where we live with water and will thrive as a place of opportunity, equity, and resilience. I encourage everyone with a stake in our city to use it as a guide.

– Mayor Sylvester Turner 

Houston is a vast, diverse, energetic, innovative, and productive city. Although Houston will never be flood-free, its flood risks can be reduced, and through these efforts, its communities can become more livable, equitable, and resilient. Houston has the problem-solving and investment capacity missing in many flood-prone coastal cities. Thus, the question is not if Houston will address its flood challenges, but how.

Living With Water Houston builds on the many local efforts underway to reduce flood risk and provides a framework and illustrative vision for aligning future actions. The strategies presented in this document should be embraced, localized, developed, and deployed to address the increasing riverine/bayou, urban drainage, and storm surge flooding that threatens Houston.

Waggonner & Ball led two Living with Water workshops in November 2018 and May 2019 as part of Houston’s resilience program. Living with Water Houston brought together local, national, and Dutch experts representing multiple disciplines to solve site-specific water and resilience challenges alongside local governments, state and federal agencies, and community stakeholders.