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Gretna City Park Wins 2021 ASLA LA Honor Award

Gretna City Park is a window in time to Louisiana’s natural history. Working with Carbo Landscape Architecture and Batture, we are pleased to announce Gretna City Park has been awarded a 2021  ASLA Louisiana Honor Award.

Gretna City Park’s huge cypress stumps and still-standing native trees reveal the pre-development landscape, and seasonal change is marked by blackberry and wildflower blooms. Flocks of native and migratory birds make the Park their home. The Park’s appearance and function are defined by water, and upgrades are designed to celebrate this important asset.

The landscape design approach starts with stormwater and layers on improvements to access, passive recreational opportunities, and habitat and water quality. Space is created in the Park for stormwater storage now, with capacity that serves as an enabling project for future flood mitigation. Gretna City Park is the first of six pilot projects to break ground for the LA SAFE Program, funded through the National Disaster Resilience Competition. The LA SAFE regional resilience strategy was also developed by W&B.