Waggonner and ball logotype black
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10 oscar j tolmas center rear entry garden at dusk 1000 0x0x800x533 q85

Tolmas Center

Waggonner and ball logotype black

Tolmas Center

A new entry pavilion and garden give new life to an original WPA landmark and provides an exciting front door to one of the city’s gems, the New Orleans Botanical Garden.

The renovation and addition employ a series of layers inherent to the original architecture that creates a dialogue between old and new. While a majority of the new program occupies the existing building, the centerpiece of the project is the dramatic addition to the north, oriented on the axis of the new entry garden to the Botanical Garden. A transparent, largely glazed secondary lobby space separates the new addition from the existing pavilion providing a buffer to the garden shop and serves to reorient the user along the new garden axis.

10 oscar j tolmas center rear entry garden at dusk 800 0x0x799x533 q85
01 new orleans city park new oscar j tolmas visitors center building front 800 67x93x660x440 q85
12 green wall acrh at botanical gardens in new orleans city park view of visitors center 800 0x0x800x533 q85
06 interior reception desk at city park visitors center 800 0x40x800x532 q85
08 city park botanical gardens gift shop checkout counter 800 0x34x533x667 q85
07 city park botanical gardens gift shop interior 800 0x19x600x750 q85
02 city park tolmas center covered arched walkway at entrance 800 0x121x533x667 q85
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    4,300 SF
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18 new orleans city park visitors center sections with lighting 1200 44x324x607x405 q85

The architecture of the new building sits comfortably among the many existing garden conservatory buildings in both scale and materiality. The interior architecture of the garden shop is enhanced by an unexpected double-height space flooded with natural light by north-facing glazing and a continuous roof monitor.