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Mirabeau Water Garden

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Mirabeau Water Garden

This flagship project for the Gentilly Resilience District links sustainable water management and environmental education.

The Mirabeau Water Garden is located on a 25-acre vacant parcel located in the low-lying Filmore neighborhood of New Orleans, between Bayou St. John and the London Avenue Canal. The initial phase of this project is funded by a FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program and the second phase is part of the Gentilly Resilience District funded by HUD's National Disaster Resilience Competition. The site will become a center for water research, demonstrating best practices for construction and water management in the city's lowest-lying and most vulnerable neighborhoods. The project will divert stormwater from the city’s drainage system, store and clean up to 24 acre feet of diverted stormwater, allow stormwater to infiltrate into the ground, capture runoff from neighboring streets, and provide an educational and recreational amenity that demonstrates how natural processes can be harnessed to enable more sustainable forms of water management.

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Dry condition.
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Stormwater storage, 2-year storm.
Mirabeau hmgp   10 year storm 800 0x0x1600x1186 q85
Stormwater storage, 10-year storm.
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