Waggonner and ball logotype black
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Green Trees

Waggonner and ball logotype black

Green Trees

A safe and welcoming center for early childhood education with a strong sense of place.

The Early Childhood Village at Isidore Newman School is conceived as a streetscape of connected A-frame forms, a modern interpretation of vernacular shotgun-style architecture that blends seamlessly into the neighborhood’s historic fabric. To stimulate curiosity and collaboration in a safe learning environment, the new building is formed around a protected interior play yard and experienced as a village of individual and communal spaces linked by an outdoor covered porch and breezeway. The design employs a series of sustainable practices demonstrating environmental stewardship to the students and the community. Housing the PK-12 campus’ youngest population, interior spaces are designed to be warm and welcoming extensions of a child’s home, with a clear point of entry and orientation, and child-sized furniture and fixtures throughout. Open and airy with high ceilings, the classrooms provide natural light and ventilation, a series of framed views into the garden, and a direct interface between inside and outside.

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Green Trees’ curriculum is based on Reggio-Emilia principles and is designed to stimulate children through collaboration, community and constant learning. The center reads on the exterior as a streetscape of distinct architectural forms that represent individuals and is legible on the interior as a village center or town green that represents and reinforces a sense of community.