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Arbor Room

Waggonner and ball logotype black

Arbor Room

The site of a former park structure destroyed in Hurricane Katrina becomes a new village of forms for wedding and gatherings.

Hurricane Katrina took down a modest tent structure used by City Park for parties near Popp Fountain, a classical WPA era attraction designed by the Olmsted Brothers in the 1920s and completed in 1943. FEMA allowed approximately $800,000 for the tent replacement and this was used with money raised by the Friends of City Park to create a new entertainment venue for hosting weddings and receptions. The problem: how to afford all the amenities and support spaces required for large gatherings so that the Park could generate revenues for rebuilding?

03 city park arbor room at papps fountain exterior main entry 800 0x0x798x533 q85
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  • Year
  • Area
    2,250 permanent
    5,600 tent

The solution was to employ an engineered, single-slope tent that could withstand hurricane force winds as the main reception hall and building permanent ancillary structures around it. Elements including a kitchen, bridal suite, outdoor bar, storage and restroom facilities were composed as an ensemble of identical forms linked by aluminum trellises. Sited on axis with the fountain, the Arbor Room fronts a landscaped lawn for outdoor events and concerts and has hosted hundreds of events in its five year existence.

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