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Kelli Reinhardt

Kelli joined Waggonner & Ball in 2016 after receiving Masters Degrees in both Architecture and Landscape Architecture from Louisiana State University. While in school, Kelli worked as a research assistant for the LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio, focusing on community-driven coastal resiliency projects. As a graduate teaching assistant, she taught a class on digital representation, and she has also taught a course on site strategies at the Tulane School of Architecture.

At Waggonner & Ball, Kelli has been an integral part of the Resilient Bridgeport team, where she has participated in all aspects of the project, from team coordination, to community engagement programs, research, and project design. She has also played a key role in the production of the Resilient Bridgeport Design Strategies Report. In addition to her interest in coastal resiliency, Kelli also explores material connections through metalsmithing.

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