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Sarah Weinkauf

Sarah is a senior architect at Waggonner & Ball, where she has been engaged with many complex, long-term, and multi-phase projects, from predesign through construction. Her primary involvement has been with institutional and educational projects, and includes specialized experience on historic preservation, laboratory, planetarium, theater, broadcast, courthouse, and museum projects. Sarah has previous experience at Centerbrook Architects in Essex, Connecticut and Ratio Architects in Indianapolis, Indiana, as well as the Indiana State Preservation Office in Indianapolis. 

Sarah worked for over ten years on multiple projects in the National Historic Landmark U.S. Custom House at the edge of the Vieux Carré, most recently the comprehensive renovation of the building after significant damage resulting from Hurricane Katrina, including a survey of damage and concepts for restoration and integration of new infrastructure systems with minimal effect on building structure and historic elements. This project was awarded a National Preservation Design Award from the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 2012. Sarah helped program and design a new pre-school for Beijing City International School, and new residential developments in Beijing, People’s Republic of China, which involved travel to and work in Beijing, studying the sites, and creating drawings to present to the clients. She is currently working on the renovation of and addition to the historic Seignouret – Brulatour House for the Historic New Orleans Collection in the Vieux Carre.

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