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Andy Sternad

Andy is a leader of Waggonner & Ball's resilience practice. He joined the firm in 2010 and returned in 2018. He was a key participant in the Dutch Dialogues, a collaboration between Dutch and American engineers,designers, and planners to re-envision New Orleans'relationship to water after Hurricane Katrina. Following these workshops, he was a lead author of the Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan, which earned a National Planning Excellence Award from the American Planning Association in 2015. Andy specifically focused on the system and district planning scales of the Water Plan, working closely with teams from Arcadis and Deltares to develop the hydraulic and hydrologic approach. He was also instrumental in the creation of public engagement materials and their presentation to communities across New Orleans.

After earning his Master of Architecture, Andy worked at William Rawn Associates in Boston, where he focused on education, healthcare, and performing arts, and the elements of each that contribute to the public realm. Andy is on the Board of Directors for Ripple Effect, a non-profit working to build water literacy in K-12 schools through curriculum innovation and teacher training.

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